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December 2, 2022

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Rockside Prepares to Keep the Cold Outside

Category: Health & Wellness

Author: Ezekiel Moorman, Plant Operations Director

Just as it is at home, at Vitalia Active Adult Community – Rockside, preparing for winter can be an arduous task. There are several projects that need to be completed in preparation for cold weather and few of them are easy, especially when Jack Frost decides to come a little early, like this year.

Our homes and businesses can be affected by how quickly we can accommodate these tasks. If we move too early, we miss out on some of the creature comforts. If we wait too long, we run the risk of finding issues at the most inconvenient times (like a broken heater on the night the weather unexpectedly dips below freezing).

Preparation is a strong part of the human condition. Whether storing vegetables and meat or cutting firewood, our ancestors have been preparing for winter weather since their beginning. These days, preparing for cold weather is just a little more complex.

Some tasks we do in the community to prepare for colder weather and freezing temperatures include emptying the moisture traps in our fire sprinkler system and our outside hose connections. We then move inside and check the heating system to ensure all common areas are functioning properly. Lastly, we walk the building and go into empty units to switch them over to heat, to prevent pipes from freezing.

Preparation is vital, especially in a cold weather state like Ohio. With temperatures dropping there’s a risk for unchecked pipes to freeze in our sprinkler system and for heating systems to fail under stress. By winterizing we can check these systems to ensure they are all in full operation and minimize any risk of failure.

I watch the weather starting in September. Once our temperatures drop below 50 degrees for a couple days I will start prepping for cold weather. With chaotic Cleveland weather, we may not get cold days until November or maybe as early as September. I like to be prepared for any freak weather days that may cross the horizon.

No matter how big your house or successful your company, mother nature always seems to creep up on us this time of year. If you get ahead of it and plan for cold weather, you can save big on both stress and dollars.

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