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What does it mean to live VITALIA? It means an engaged living community, customized care, fabulous food, and tons of fun. Our buildings, locations, and restaurants are unique by design, because no one wants to live in a boring cookie-cutter home. What’s consistent is our commitment to making every day meaningful and joyous for our residents. Learn more about the VITALIA® Rockside lifestyles and how we approach independent living, assisted living, and memory care different in Seven Hills, OH.

Independent living at VITALIA® Rockside in Seven Hills OH


Variety to suit your desire

When you walk through the front door of VITALIA® Rockside, you’re not just coming into a building, you’re walking into your home. You’re stepping through the entry into a lifestyle of your choosing, facilitated by people who care for you like family. Our passionate, dedicated team is here to provide you the support you need so that your lifestyle is exactly as you want it to be. Decorate or re-paint your whole apartment if you want! The personalization options are endless, and one thing is for sure – we will always respect your space.

Residents at VITALIA® Rockside in Seven Hills, OH


Active & engaged lifestyle

Enjoy the time you need to relax and pursue interests that make you happy. With a community packed to the gills with amenities and a schedule filled with events, you will have ample opportunity to enjoy whatever you desire! Each day is filled with good times with friends, delicious food made just for you, and memorable events. Not only that, but our calendar of events is made using input from residents just like you!

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We are really lucky to partner with such a great university like Baldwin Wallace. Our VITALIA® residents are filled with excitement knowing that they can go back to school to continue to learn about their passions and learn about new subjects as well. I can’t wait to watch this program grow as I know how much value it will bring to everyone involved. It truly is going to be the start of something so wonderful.

Residents at VITALIA® Rockside in Seven Hills, OH


Great Place to Work

This is what we think work should feel like. Apply today and become a part of our team’s unique, quirky approach to creating quality senior living experiences.

assisted living at VITALIA® Rockside in Seven Hills OH


Tailored to Fit You

At VITALIA® we provide personalized senior living services and care to fit the unique needs of each resident. Our communities are anchored by an experienced team of caring professionals dedicated to helping our residents make every day fun and fulfilling. Visit our community sites to find out more about care levels and services for you or your loved one.


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Recent News

” have lived at Vitalia Rockside since October 10th 2020. This is my first, and according to my son, the last best place I will ever live. And for a kid (haha he is 43) i think he is right. Never have I encountered such a caring, loving, group of people to be with every day. Even though I can’t tell you everyone’s name, i CAN tell you there is so much love here. It is given freely. this is an over 55 community. But we are not meant to feel like we are helpless. We are included everyday in many ways. Whether it is movies, crafts, exercise,( even a pool, no less! ) The staff, our chef(s) treat us like Kings and Queens. Don’t let all my positive thoughts of a wonderful place to live, of the seriousness of today’s world. Everyone of us has a link to the outside world. Vitalia helps us to deal with the seriousness that the front line workers deal with everyday. So if you had any thoughts of having a safe wonderful place to live, I would highly recommend this community.”

-Debbie D

“Vitalia Rockside is such a great place to be a nurse, care partner or a nurse manager at. Our director of wellness, Kristen, leads us by example. She works right along side every nurse and care partner daily. The teamwork in like none other that I have seen in my 32 years of being a nurse. The communication within the wellness department starts from the top and is highly effective throughout our team. I would recommend working at Vitalia Rockside as a nurse or care partner under the direction/wings of Kristen. the best director I have worked for, it will be your forever job. If I could I would give this community 100 stars!!!”

-Care B

“Beautiful facility I like working with the staff they’re so helpful And very polite and I’m especially thankful for Chris the wellness director she is great in communicating and understanding the needs of the clients as well as staff I’m truly blessed to have the privilege to work with such a great group of people.”


“Beautiful place with amazing staff”

-Roenesha F

“Extremely helpful and caring staff. The community itself is a thing of beauty.”

-Zachary H

VITALIA® Rockside

6100 Lombardo Center South

Seven Hills, OH 44131

Arrow Senior Living serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.

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