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August 25, 2022

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Rockside Demonstrates Acts of Kindness During Be Kind to Humankind Week

Category: Wellness

Author: Jen Glaser, Director of Wellness

Kindness is defined as doing something towards yourself and others, motivated by genuine desire to make a positive difference. Kindness is shown to increase self-esteem and mood, decrease stress levels, improve relationships, slow aging, and is accompanied by emotional warmth. Research shows kindness and mental health are deeply connected.

We at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Rockside know that one act of kindness can lead to many more. Kindness is contagious and it begins with you!

To me, kindness means having peace and calmness in my life. One way to encourage kindness and put a smile on someone’s face is with comedy. I naturally have the gift of comedy, so I use this to my advantage to help make people smile. I think if you are being kind and positive, it will spread like butter.

I remember when I was a small child a neighbor yelled at me and my little brother just for having fun. When another neighbor heard about the situation, they went over to the other neighbor and had a long talk with her. The situation was, she didn’t want us to play in the front yard because it had just been fertilized. She wasn’t trying to be mean, but rather was trying to protect us. It was very kind to have someone lookout for us, to stay off the grass, and to have another willing to speak on our behalf.

Kindness is important to health and well-being because it promotes calmness and reduces stress.

VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Rockside practices kindness each day with every resident, whether they live in Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care. Arrow Senior Living believes “Acts of Kindness can drive change in the world.” We hope kindness finds its way to and from you.

VITALIA® Rockside in Seven Hills, OH offers 55+ villa homes, senior apartments, assisted living, and memory care with a variety of services and a range of floor plan options. Amenities include 41º North Restaurant, a 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, transportation services, and more. Conveniently located just southwest of Hwy 77 and 480 just moments from a wide range of shopping, dining, attractions, and health services.

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