Immerse yourself in comfort.

VITALIA® offers a variety of options for seniors of the Seven Hills area. For those who require no assistance we provide home-style villas and cozy apartments, while we also offer all the support that a senior could need, from just a a little help getting dressed to a more involved level of care, including memory care. No matter the level needed, VITALIA® is prepared to help residents regain their independence and retain their dignity.

We want to dispel the idea that moving to a senior community means sacrificing your privacy or personality. We aren’t your chaperones, we are here simply to serve you. Need a 5 AM wake-up call? We can do that, but only at your request. Bring your pet. Re-paint if you find a color you love. The personalization options are endless, but one thing is for sure – we will always respect your space.

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Independent Living

The amenities and close friends you’ve desired.


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Assisted Living

Feel cared for and know that you’re home.

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Memory Care

Personalized care and peace of mind.

More than just your apartment 

You pay for more than just a place to sleep. When you move to VITALIA® Active Adult Community, you gain access to all the services and amenities we provide. Maximize independence and tap into new possibilities by enjoying:

  • Restaurant
  • Private Dining
  • Fitness Center
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Movie Theater
  • Outdoor Grounds
  • and more!

Enjoy Fine Dining whenever you want.

Not just food, a culinary delight! When you move in, you get to enjoy the creations of our full-service restaurant. Open from 7 AM to 7 PM, our expansive menu allows you to find exactly what you’re craving with the nutritional value that you need. Everything is available all day and is always cooked fresh when you order.

What about Thor the Fluffy?

Got pets? Fantastic! VITALIA® is a pet-friendly community!

You have a pet? What kind? Does it play fetch? Is it cuddly? Did you teach it any tricks? Don’t mind the questions – we just get so excited about our little friends! Pets make life better and we look forward to welcoming yours as part of our family! We believe that pets deserve dignity, care, and love. Should you need additional help in caring for your pet, rest assured that we’re here for that too.