So much suddenly at your fingertips.

Many people worry that moving from their house means that they have to give up space and freedom. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth! Though your apartment no longer has that third bedroom you never used or breakfast nook, senior living is all about increasing your access to amenities. There is a plethora of wonderful things you are able to utilize right in the community, from the library to the swimming pool and beyond. And the best part? Our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

Go ahead, invite your family over for dinner in the private dining room. Host a movie night in our theater. Now you can appreciate the time spent with loved ones instead of having to clear off the table or deal with the dishes. The whole of VITALIA® is your home – so make the most of it!

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Full-service dining – available all day

Have a seat anytime from 7 AM to 7 PM and enjoy a meal cooked to order just for you. Our expansive menu and specials mean that you’ll always have something that will satisfy your cravings. Dine with fellow residents or bring along guests anytime!

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Private Dining

Formal dining for you and your guests

Senior living doesn’t mean that you have to stop hosting get-togethers. It actually means that it’s easier than ever! Collaborate with our culinary experts to plan the perfect dinner party or celebration! You plan, we cook and clean, everyone has a wonderful time!

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Fitness Center

More than your typical gym

Our exercise machines are senior-friendly, and our classes are, too! We have many ways for you to get your heart pumping and strong. Join in with your fellow health-conscious neighbors or work out on your own. Your journey to physical fitness is your own!

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Because everyone loves an adventure

A book is the most powerful tool in the world. Learn about history, science, nature, or journey through different walks of life. Whatever your preference is, you can find an excellent choice in our library that will keep the pages turning.

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Grab a seat. We’ll pop the popcorn.

We love to get together for a shared experience. Be it a classic film, musical performance, or educational class, our theater provides the perfect space to all gather in one place to be together.

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Outdoor Grounds

It’s too nice to be inside.

We love to get some fresh air at VITALIA®. That’s why we keep our grounds landscaped and beautiful, so that when the great outdoors are calling your name, you have gorgeous scenery right outside your door to enjoy!

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