VITALIA Active Adult Community®- Rockside Plant Operations Allows No Slip Ups With Building Safety

Building Safety Month takes place in May every year and is internationally recognized for raising awareness in keeping buildings safe. 

This initiative unites industries, associations, academia, and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient environment. Our primary focus as the Plant Operations Team at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Rockside Seven Hills, OH is keeping our residents, visitors, and staff safe.

There are multiple tasks performed to safeguard our community. The Plant Operations Team does a wide range of safety tasks including fire and disaster drills. Door checks are completed to ensure proper function and locking. Water temperatures are checked, filters changed, and coils cleaned on HVAC units, both for the building and resident apartments.

The Plant Operations Team is intertwined with maintenance and safety. There are regulator items that must be accomplished and tracked, including fire drill response from staff and residents. If we had an emergency, I feel the community would respond with confidence and be able to assist anyone that needed it.

I implement building safety at home. I have multiple fire extinguishers and I regularly check and change batteries in smoke detectors. When outside working I make sure my equipment has the safety guards in place and maintain the equipment to ensure proper working condition.