Spring Cleaning Week

My plant operations team is in full spring cleaning mode at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Rockside Seven Hills, OH. They are busy washing windows, cleaning fixtures, and organizing storage locations. I’m doing my own spring cleaning at home. I plan to clean and wash out the chicken coops, dog pen, and the swimming pool. I’ll do good policing around the entire area to see what needs to be done prior to the summer months.

The benefits of spring cleaning are that it helps you prepare for summer, with needed upkeep and maintenance around the yard and house. I’ll also be prepping my shooting range for anticipated summer events.

Along with my spring cleaning I like to set goals for things I need to purchase, for the house and the yard. I prioritize what is needed most and then work to purchase and pay off the items. I don’t just run out and buy until I figure out a way to pay. Sometimes that includes taking on a side job to make it happen.