VITALIA Rockside Employee Appreciation Day

March 2022 – Executive Director Chase Belza

What excites me most about my team is their willingness to learn and grow. All of my team members work and communicate efficiently with each other. When I think of team building or a successful team, I think of my directors. Their work ethic is unmatched. Each department head has the willingness to learn, not just about their department, but about every department. This allows us to be there to help when needed. As an example, directors stayed at the community during a snowstorm to ensure we had staff coverage for the following day.

We have fun along with our work here at Rockside. During the holidays my business office director, sales director, and I dressed up as Christmas characters to drop off presents to potential leads in the outlying community.  I am planning on throwing a happy hour party at the Rockside community expressing my gratitude for the employees. And I’ll recognize the directors with something special, either an activity outside of the community or gift cards for them to use. 

Throughout the year I believe it is very important to always recognize your team for the great work they do. Encouragement and recognition go a long way to help remind them of how important they are to the success of the team. I also believe that building a successful team comes with getting to know more about the ones that you work with on a day-to-day basis, so team-building exercises outside of work are also important.